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La seule grandeur authentique, celle de l'effort.

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 Profil de Megan Bowman

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Megan Bowman
Pray for snoww!!*
Megan Bowman

Messages : 1623
Where are you : Enjoy the Ride!*
What's Your Mood? : Life is easier when you're smiling... It's All about you!
What's Your Passion : Ride 4 Life, the contemporary dancing, my family & my friends <3
Tag Line : Life is all about the things you never figure out!

I know, I live in Alaska
About Love ?: Life Goes On...
I know, I have a reputation:
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What's about my friends, my life?!:

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MessageSujet: Profil de Megan Bowman   Profil de Megan Bowman EmptyMar 29 Déc - 2:27

    Basic Information
    Megan's mind : Awesome afternoon. I enjoyed the pipe, hot guys ... oh and I learn to do a McTwist 1260!! Yeahh *.::.* Now I have to do it back to back!!

      Profil de Megan Bowman 16hor28

      Megan Bowman
      Profil de Megan Bowman Minivava1
      Birthday : 25.11.91
      Hometown : Toronto & Point Hope
      Home Neighborhood : Matt Stewart
      Family Members : Caitlin & Leonor Bowman - my sista
      Aidan Bowman - my bro
      Scottie Bowman & Eanna Bowman - my parents
      Relationship Status : I'm Single
      Interested in : Men
      Looking for : Friendship & Networking
      Political Views : Bob Marley's Mind
      Religious Views : Religion sucks!

    Personnal Information

    Activities & Interests :

    I do some snowboard (freestyle, freeride, pipe...) since I was 12 & some contemporary dance since I was 3. I also do some soccer since I was little.
    I like to spend some times with my friends & my family. I like to go out and have fun with my friends. I like boys, of course. I like to go running & spend some times at the gym.
    I like to travel too. If you want to know more things about me, you just have to ask me the questions... xD

Profil de Megan Bowman 418595jai_trouve_mdr
    About Me :

    Sport Mag, december 2009
    “She is named Megan Bowman. She is from Point Hope, Alaska. She is just turning 18 years old. She is a goofy rider and she loves to ride in a pipe. She is the daughter of Scottie Bowman. She is small and cute. She is funny, she loves to laugh and she is always smiling. She is an unique specimen and I like her.”
    - Lisa Fuller

    What does riding mean to you?

    Some facts about you:
    I’ve been snowboarding for 5 years now, started out when I was 12. My home mountian is Hope Bears. I go to a snowboard school in Point Hope but I travel a lot.

    Who do you respect in snowboarding?
    I respect everybody who's bringing snowboarding a step forward and having fun with it!

    What has been, hands down, your scariest experience on a snowboard?
    I've been pretty lucky considering injuries. But my scariest moment was when I did some freeride for the first time with some friends couple years ago.

    What is your favorite place to board;
    I very like to board in the Snow Park. I like to ride, in Chamonix, in Whistler & in Point Hope, of course. Other than snowboarding I do some soccer and I also dance a lot. I dance contemporary since a was 3

    Any words of wisdom?
    Winter's cool, keep it that way!

    Music :